Clawton Primary School


The original building, which houses the junior, middle classroom, two offices, resources area, library, cloakrooms and our onsite kitchen was built in the Victorian times. The ‘temporary’ building, which houses the ‘Early Years’ class was erected during the early 1960’s. This now has a play area attached too, so that we can go in it even when it is raining. The Victorian building has been substantially modernised with double glazing, carpeting, shading and a state of the art heating system. In the 1970’s, the resources area was created which enclosed the toilets so that they were no longer outside. During this time, a library area and additional classroom were created too. The school has an entrance for visitors and the other external doors have keypad locks which enhance the security of the school. Oil central heating and solar water heating has replaced the night storage  heaters to make our school an efficient energy user.

Our school hall is the newest building that we have and it provides us with a multi-purpose space for sports, such as gymnastics and badminton, drama, assemblies and eating our dinner. The building also has a staff room, toilets, community room and storage area. Our community room is mainly used by Clawton Pre-School, but the hall is also used by outside sport providers, and at times, for public use, including self defence and netball for adults.

The PTA has done lots to help our school. They have raised money for a play area and shaded areas to be installed on the field. They do a brilliant job! They are currently helping us to develop the picnic area. The pond and wildlife areas are ongoing projects that we would like to complete in the future.

Thank you for reading my brief introduction to our school and I hope that you enjoy looking at our web site.

About Us..... (Created by Jasmine: Year 6)

Clawton Primary School is a Victorian building that is traditional indeed! However, we have worked hard to keep it up to modern day standards inside.

We have three classrooms, a really really nice hall that the parents and community helped us to build and a super field that we can enjoy playing on in the spring and summer, but we can also get muddy on it in the winter too! We hope that you enjoy your stay.